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Brief Introduction to China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association


Established in March 1988 with its standing organization in Beijing, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA) is a national industrial non-profitable social organization with the qualification of legal person of social organization, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.


CMTBA mainly consists of the manufacturing enterprises of China’s machine tool & tool industry, and organized voluntarily by the related enterprises or groups, scientific research and design institutes, universities and organizations. CMTBA has more than 1900 members from the sectors of metal cutting machine, metal forming machine, foundry machine, wood working machine, CNC system, industrial robot, measuring instrument, abrasive products, machine tool accessories (including machine tool functional components), and machine tool eclectic appliance, etc. CMTBA has 28 sub-associations and 6 working committees.


CMTBA follows the basic tenets of vindicating the common interest of whole industry and promoting the industrial development. Its basic function is “providing service, reflecting demands, and regulating conducts”. It serves as bridges among the government, domestic & overseas enterprises and the end users, and coordinates domestic enterprises in self-discipline.


The major tasks of CMTBA are:


To survey and study the current situation and development trend of the machine tool & tool industry, and to convey the demands of the industry and enterprises to the government;


To put forward suggestion on development plan and policy of the industry according to government’s entrustment;


To carry out the industry’s statistics and information management, to establish a key liaison network of enterprises, to release analysis report of the industry’s economic operation and import & export information;


To organize seminars of industry’s common hot issues, and to carry out industry’s communication activities;


To promote the implementation of the industry’s technical standards and to provide services to improve the industry’s products quality and management;


To undertake the task of the industry’s earlier-warning for the machine tool & tool industry according to government’s entrustment;


To establish bilateral cooperation with overseas associations of the industry to provide services for enterprises of the industry to carry out international communications and cooperation;


To promote fair competition in the industry through self-discipline to regulate the industry’s behavior;


To establish website, wechat and other new media of the industry to publish newspapers, magazines and special information of the industry;


CMTBA holds machine tool exhibitions to provide a tread platform to both domestic and overseas enterprises to display their products and to conduct technical communications. China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) is held every single year in Beijing. It is one of the four internationally well-known machine tool exhibitions; while China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT) is held every even year in Shanghai. It is the most influential domestic exhibition and its internationalization level improves significantly year after year.


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