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CIMT2023 Theme: “Collaborative innovation on digital 

& intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future”


CIMT2023 (The 18th China International Machine Tool Show) will be held as scheduled (April 10th-15th,2023), It is also the first exhibition of the four major machine tool exhibitions in the world after the adjustment of domestic pandemic prevention policies. The COVID-19 pandemic, which lasted for three years, once broke the normal order of the world economy. CIMT2021 was lucky to be held as scheduled and demonstrated its strong influence and appeal. CIMT2023 is bound to create more brilliance on the basis of CIMT2021's success and present a high-level intelligent manufacturing feast for the global industry and the upstream and downstream industries.


The theme of CIMT2023 is Collaborative innovation on digital & intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future.


In 2023, China's economy will enter a new development stage. Consumption and demand are increasingly valued in the national macroeconomic policies. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the “Outline of the Strategic Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand (2022-2035)”, aiming to cultivate a complete domestic demand system and build a new development pattern of double circulation. In the process of supply-side structural reform, areas that have made progress or breakthroughs, such as new energy vehicles, digital data,green and low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing and other emerging fields, will not only meet the growth of domestic demand, but also go abroad to participate in global competition.


In 2023, China's machine tool industry will meet new development opportunities. Despite the influence of multiple factors, the booming development of the emerging user sector and the continuous transformation and upgrading of the traditional user industry make the domestic demand base of China's super-scale market still exist. With the effort to expand domestic demand, effectively drive the investment of the whole society through government investment and policy incentives, and accelerate the gradual implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" major projects and other measures, the market growth of machine tool will continue to be driven from multiple fields.


In the post pandemic era, innovation is still the main theme of the future development of the industry. The machine tool industry is a national basic and strategic industry, which must be based on independent innovation. It is the only way to achieve key technological breakthroughs and industrial upgrading through independent research and development of original innovation,introduction of technology digestion, absorption and re-innovation, and integration of existing technological innovation. In recent years, the revolution of industrial transformation driven by innovation is continuing in China's industrial field, and the world's industry is also undergoing a new round of innovation, speed and efficiency is the key to this round of revolution. The competing for the speed and transformation ability of innovation is more important for the global industrial transformation. The machine tool industry should not only focus on innovation and breakthrough, but also pay attention to the formation of continuous innovation and transformation capabilities to form strong core competitiveness.


In the post pandemic era, the advantages of collaborative innovation in the machine tool industry will become increasingly apparent. The deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, the extensive alliance of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and the capital operation between different fields and industries have achieved customer resource sharing, technology resource matching, and supply resource complementation to the maximum extent, which shows that only collaborative innovation can win the future together.


The in-depth development of the digital intelligence era will be further promoted in the post pandemic era. In 2023, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association will closely focus on the digital construction of the industry,publicize and promote the application of information communication, big data,artificial intelligence, industrial internet and other technologies in the industry, assist the industry enterprises in digital upgrading and rebuilding,promote the demonstration application and iterative upgrading of NC-Link (Communication protocol for the equipments adopting Numerical Control Interlink), and explore the production practice activities in the industry of data as an element.


NC-Link is a unified standard for industrial site interconnection based on the new generation of information and communication technology. The implementation of NC-Link can help the machine tool to realize the mapping from physical state to digital state at the machine tool equipment level; At the factory level, it provides unified semantics for the convenient construction of intelligent manufacturing system and digital factory architecture; At the industry level, it provides common data base for the regularization, capitalization and value of data application, realizes the interconnection and information exchange between equipment,equipment and control system, and enterprises, promotes the integration of emerging technologies and equipment technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, and drives the implementation of the digital economy in the machine tool industry and related manufacturing fields.


The grand holding of CIMT2023 is special significance to the development of machine tool industry. It will not only successfully build a platform for the exchange and integration of the machine tool industry and relevant parties around the world, but also reveal the innovative development path of the digital intelligence era for the vast industrial enterprises.


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